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What makes us different from other Asset Management teams?

At MLV Real Estate our asset management team understands the needs of landlords and tenants. Our team of dedicated professionals pride themselves on superior service. Our focus is on the things that matter - tenant retention, arrears management and assisting our clients with effective and timely asset maintenance programs that maximize the value of your investment.

- Kirsten Capolicchio
Director Asset Management – MLV Real Estate


    This means… we don’t struggle with big company structures and you benefit by having instant access to MLV's Asset Managers and Agents, who will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.


    Our Asset Managers are responsible for portfolios of properties which are lower in number than the industry standard. What does that mean for you? An AVAILABLE asset manager that is dedicated to your property to ensure your needs and the tenants are met. .


    Our Asset Management Director, Kirsten Cappolichio, has over 20 years’ experience and brings a superior knowledge to the team. Our team is made up of a dedicated group of professionals who understand the value and importance of your property investment and we support them with on-going learning to ensure their industry knowledge is exceptional.

  • Our outstanding track record

    Our long standing Asset Managers have a combined experience of over 20 years working at MLV. And how does this benefit you? They have a thorough understanding of your property and the history associated with it. And you have ease of mind knowing that your property is in the hands of an experienced Asset Manager that will likely manage it for many, many years to come.

Client Testimonials

"I have been actively involved in real state for over 40 years and during that time MLV have been my industrial & commercial Asset Managers for 17 years."

MLV have proven over that period to be honest, reliable and accountable.   They truly have the owner’s best interests in their actions and decision making.  They provide excellent service not just talk about it!

MLV continually improve their systems and procedures to enhance the owners understanding of their property thereby allowing them to make better decisions.    During my involvement with MLV managers and even the ownership structure has changed but the high level of service has remained same which is a testament in itself to the values they hold and practice.

Finally I have had a couple of tenants call unprompted to praise the way MLV has handled their repairs or issue-that you cannot script and the reason I remain with MLV. Daren Bracewell


"I've had the pleasure of working with Kirsten Capolicchio from MLV Real Estate for the past 2 years, as she has been managing our commercial properties in Canning Vale and Maddington."

Kirsten and her team are always professional, friendly and importantly, they are super quick in responding to any queries I may have. Rob Sciorilli

"Kirsten Capolicchio has been my Asset Manager for at least the past 12 months but also prior to that, I had previous dealings with her over the years while she has been employed with MLV. "

I have always found Kirsten able to do her job very well and I am impressed with how quickly she is on to things, keeping me up to date and also well informed regarding all matters.

Recently she drew my attention to the insurance policy which has been with the same company for many years (originally set up by my parents) and on being compared with other insurance firms probably didn't represent the best value for money so I approved a changeover.

She is a pleasure to talk to and I feel very well suited to being a property manager as she ticks all the boxes of someone who does genuinely seem interested and motivated to do her best for you. Beattie Ramel

"Highly recommend MLV, properties are managed in a professional & friendly manner ."

If any problems occur they are attended to without delay, thus avoiding any conflict between Landlord & Tenant. Stan Brice


"MLV have managed our industrial unit in Kewdale for around 25 years. I have always been pleased with their level of service and their attention to detail. "

Their  property manages currently being Kirsten Capolicchio have always been very proactive and responsive and I have never had a problem gaining access to senior management or operatives from other departments if needed.

I have enjoyed our professional relationship. Graeme McKeown


"We have been dealing with David Lamb before he established MLV and for many years afterwards. We as a family investing group have had David help us buy and sell a number of properties and also manage them for us."

His management team now, are handling things for us and his asset managers (currently Cassie Haliday et al) are very efficient and are personally involved with us and communicate well. Dennis Ford

"We have no hesitation in recommending Anita Sorgiovanni as she has managed our Commercial properties for several years, showing true professionalism and diligence with her vast knowledge and experience as an Asset Manager."

We find Anita to give prompt, conclusive and honest advice in any situation.

We believe Anita is an outstanding representative and asset to MLV Real Estate. Graham & Dolly Vivian

"MLV have been looking after the commercial needs of our family businesses for the last 20 years, both in securing new tenancies, property management and selling commercial properties for us. They are an extremely professional and honest agency who we highly recommend."

After personally dealing with some commercial tenants who were extremely difficult and not paying on time etc, I decided to hand them over to Kirsten.  Within a few days of Kirsten taking over, she had met with the relevant tenants, had payment plans in place and money was in our account within a few days.  She is extremely professional, hardworking and determined to get the absolute best outcome for the Landlords and the tenants.  She is also very fair in her dealings with everyone.

Kirsten and the team at MLV have a great knowledge and understanding of the marketplace.  They are always offering great advice which really helps when you as a landlord, do not have the knowledge or the experience within the real estate industry.  Kirsten communicates with us on a regular basis and is always keeping us up to date on our tenants.   Especially during this time of uncertainty with Covid 19, she has sent relevant articles and media statements and has reassured us that they are doing everything in their power to obtain a great and fair outcome for us and the tenants.  I have a great deal of confidence in Kirsten and Dave from MLV because they have always looked after our best interests.
In my frequent dealings with Kirsten, I have found her to be very friendly and caring, very professional, honest and extremely efficient.  She delivers fantastic results and has always gone above and beyond.  I often see emails from her the she has sent late at night and over the weekends, she doesn’t stop.  Kirsten has a lot of drive and determination, it is very clear that she loves this industry and her job.

Kirsten provides amazing service and reacts very quickly to any actions arising and rectifies them immediately.  We were extremely happy with the level of service that she and MLV provide and highly recommend them. Antonietta Juma



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